How to Analyse Your A/B Tests Using R

A/B testing is one of the best ways to optimise your website. However, it is not a magical cure for websites that are: Poorly Conceived – Website is off-brand or there is a major disconnect with users. Poorly Designed – Website is designed in a way that is hard to maintain/confusing. Poorly Developed – Website... » read more

How to Use R to Identify Poor Performing Google Ads

If you manage Google Ads accounts, you have likely added ads to ad groups and checked their performance over time. It is geneally a good idea to have two or three ads in an ad group, running at the same time. Then you can compare them, pause the ads that are not performing well, then... » read more

Advanced SQL For Analysts

SQL is the language used to communicate to relational database management systems (RDBMS). E.F. Codd wrote a paper in 1970 describing a completely different way of structuring data. Up till then, data was generally organised in a hierarchical structure of some kind and a lot of code was needed to work with the stored data.... » read more

Creating a Predictive R Shiny App For Google Ads

In this post I am going to go through the code for a relatively simple R Shiny app that will predict Google Ads transactions and cpa (cost per acquistion) for three months plus the current month. There will be a graph and a table of values and four sliders to adjust spend for the current... » read more

Levels of Analytics Maturity

Not all organizations are the same when it comes to data. There are many factors that determine the what/when/how data is collected, analyzed, and presented. However, I think after working with a number of companies over the years, that they fall into four basic levels. For a variety of reasons it can be difficult to... » read more