Something About Data

With this post I am going to briefly walk through some things about data you many not have thought about.   I think that this might give you a different and useful perspective on the nature of data.  I’ll start first with the various types of data and data elements.  Then I’ll get into some data... » read more

Exploring Data

Before we can perform statistical analysis on our data, we have to check the data.  Do we assume that the data is normally distributed?  Do we assume that each feature (attribute) is independent?  Do we assume that data comes from the same population, under the same conditions? No, we don’t.  We must check (explore) the data... » read more

Correlation of Data Attributes

If we want to understand if two variables are correlated, the first thing we have to understand is if they covary. That means that when one variable moves from its mean, we would expect that a related variables would change in a similar way. For example, let’s say that we think that the more emails... » read more

One-Way ANOVA For Email List Segmentation

A one-way ANOVA is used to test a null hypothesis by comparing three or more sample groups from a population (a t-test is generally used if comparing two sample groups).  To use this method, we take a random, equal sample from each group.  Then we examine  the mean and variance between samples. For this post, we are going to test whether the... » read more

How to Analyse Your A/B Tests Using R

A/B testing is one of the best ways to optimise your website. However, it is not a magical cure for websites that are: Poorly Conceived – Website is off-brand or there is a major disconnect with users. Poorly Designed – Website is designed in a way that is hard to maintain/confusing. Poorly Developed – Website... » read more