Graphing With R

There are a number of ways in ggplot to express your data.  The first are the geometric objects: geom_bar(): Bar charts geom_point(): Points – great for scatter plots geom_line(): Line charts geom_boxplot(): A box & whiskers plot geom_smooth(): Smoothed means with CI geom_histogram(): Histogram geom_density(): Smoothed density plot geom_qq(): A quantile-quantile plot geom_errorbar(): Error bars... » read more

Replacing Excel With R

Excel is great for spreadsheet use.  I can remember taking accounting in college, when I was not aware of Excel (before I had a computer – I know, it was a long time ago).  We used sheets of paper that we had to adjust manually (erasers were invaluable).  Some of the figures were adjusted so... » read more

Correlation of Data Attributes

If we want to understand if two variables are correlated, the first thing we have to understand is if they covary. That means that when one variable moves from its mean, we would expect that a related variables would change in a similar way. For example, let’s say that we think that the more emails... » read more

How to Analyse Your A/B Tests Using R

A/B testing is one of the best ways to optimise your website. However, it is not a magical cure for websites that are: Poorly Conceived – Website is off-brand or there is a major disconnect with users. Poorly Designed – Website is designed in a way that is hard to maintain/confusing. Poorly Developed – Website... » read more