My 15 Favorite Google Analytics Features

I thought about what I liked most about Google Analytics – what made digital analysis and optimization easier and more insightful.  Here are my top fifteen favorite Google Analytics features, in alphabetical order. Annotation Google Analytics allows a user to record an event in the website timeline.  This feature allows a user to record the... » read more

Something About Data

With this post I am going to briefly walk through some things about data you many not have thought about.   I think that this might give you a different and useful perspective on the nature of data.  I’ll start first with the various types of data and data elements.  Then I’ll get into some data... » read more

Strategies For Measuring Digital Branding Campaigns

Digital branding campaigns are campaigns designed to boost positive awareness and recall of your brand.  They are not generally tied directly to revenue. The challenge with digital branding campaigns is understanding what constitutes a successful campaign.  Since revenue is not the goal, creating measures of success is more difficult, but not impossible. Proxy Aided Success Metrics... » read more

Graphing With R

There are a number of ways in ggplot to express your data.  The first are the geometric objects: geom_bar(): Bar charts geom_point(): Points – great for scatter plots geom_line(): Line charts geom_boxplot(): A box & whiskers plot geom_smooth(): Smoothed means with CI geom_histogram(): Histogram geom_density(): Smoothed density plot geom_qq(): A quantile-quantile plot geom_errorbar(): Error bars... » read more

Exploring Data

Before we can perform statistical analysis on our data, we have to check the data.  Do we assume that the data is normally distributed?  Do we assume that each feature (attribute) is independent?  Do we assume that data comes from the same population, under the same conditions? No, we don’t.  We must check (explore) the data... » read more